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Meg Cabot

United States


The Mediator

Young adult novel


Publication date

December 28, 2004

Media type
Print (Hardback)

Preceded by
Darkest Hour

Followed by

Haunted is a young adult novel written by author Meg Cabot and was published by Avon Books in 2004. It is the fifth part of The Mediator series.
In this book we return to Susannah (Suze) Simon’s life. Suze is going back to high school and on the first day, she meets Paul Slater from book 4, The Darkest Hour, whom she met during the summer. At home, Suze meets Neil Jankow, a friend of Jake’s, and also meets Neil’s brother’s ghost, Craig Jankow. Suze learns that Craig died from a catamaran accident and that Craig strongly believes that Neil should have been the one who died, as he was a superb swimmer, but Neil wasn’t. Afterwards, Paul tells Suze to come to his house by telling her about that they were more than just a mediator. At his house, Suze learns that they are “shifters” but soon afterwards, Paul abruptly kisses her. Suze runs away mad and finds Neil. Neil drives her home but during the trip, Craig takes over the wheel nearly killing Neil and Suze. Back at school, Suze learns from Father Dominic that Jesse, Suze’s crush, will be leaving her and will be going to the rectory. After Suze learns this, she becomes extremely mad at Jesse and believes that he never loved her. Later during the week, Suze’s stepbrother, Brad, hosts a hot-tub party at the house. During the party, Jesse learns that Paul had kissed Suze and tries to kill him.
In order to end the fight, Suze drags Paul and unknowingly takes Craig to the spirit world. At the spirit world, Craig opens a door and disappears going to his “future.” After Craig leaves, Paul tries to make a deal to Suze stating that he tell her about being more than a mediator and not hurting Jesse if Suze agrees to spend time with him. Suze agrees to what Paul makes, so she can protect Jesse. After they revisit the party, Paul goes to the hospital after being beat up by Jesse. At the feast of Father Serra, Dr. Slaski, the grandfather of Paul, visits Suze and tells her not to listen to what Paul tell