Imil (Emile) Musa Basil Jarjoui MD (Arabic: إميل موسى بسيل جرجوعي‎‎) (died November 2007) was a Palestinian Christian who was a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the PLO executive committee.[1] Dr. Jarjoui also headed the Palestinian Ministerial Investigation Commission for the deal of Jaffa Gate and was a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
He was elected to the former post in 2006 as a Fatah candidate for one of the seats reserved for Christians in Jerusalem. He dealt with Christian affairs for the Palestinian Authority while it was controlled by Fatah. He headed the committee which welcomed the Pope John Paul II in January 2000.[2]
He also owned the Christmas Hotel in East Jerusalem.[3]
Jarjoui died overnight November 23–24, 2007, in his home in Bethlehem of a heart attack. He was 72.[4][5]
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