Duchess of Lorraine

(1612-10-06)6 October 1612
Ducal Palace of Nancy, Lorraine

2 August 1648(1648-08-02) (aged 35)
Vienna, Austria

Charles V, Duke of Lorraine
Anne Marie Thérèse, Abbess of Remiremont

Full name

Claude Françoise de Lorraine

House of Lorraine

Henry II, Duke of Lorraine

Margerita Gonzaga

Claude de Lorraine (6 October 1612 – 2 August 1648) was a daughter of Henry II, Duke of Lorraine and Margerita Gonzaga, her sister was Nicole, Duchess of Lorraine. She is also known as Claude Françoise de Lorraine, she married her first cousin and was the Duchess of Lorraine by marriage. Her maternal grandparents were, Vincenzo I Gonzaga and Eleonora de’ Medici. Her paternal grandparents were Charles III, Duke of Lorraine and Claude of Valois.
She married her first cousin Nicholas II, Duke of Lorraine, at Lunéville on 18 February 1634 and had the following children:

Ferdinand Philippe, Hereditary Prince of Lorraine, suo jure Duke of Bar (29 December 1639 – 1 April 1659)
Charles Léopold, Duke of Lorraine (3 April 1643 – 18 April 1690) married Eleonora Maria of Austria and had issue;
Anne Eléanore de Lorraine (12 May 1645 – 28 February 1648) died in infancy;
Anne Marie Thérèse de Lorraine (30 July 1648 – 17 June 1661) Abbess of Remiremont, no issue;
Marie Anne de Lorraine (born 30 Jul 1648, date of death unknown).

Claude Françoise died in Vienna aged 35 having given birth to twins Marie Anne and Anne Marie. She was buried at the Church of Saint-François-des-Cordeliers, Nancy, Lorraine.

Ancestors of Claude Françoise de Lorraine



















16. Antoine, Duke of Lorraine








8. Francis I, Duke of Lorraine












17. Renée of Bourbon-Montpensier








4. Charles III, Duke of Lorraine















18. Christian II of Denmark








9. Christina of Denmark